Bible Challenge

Join Episcopalians throughout the world reading Luke and Acts during the seasons of Lent and Easter this year. For more information and a message from Presiding Bishop Curry, follow this link – GoodBook. At Trinity, each of those participating will a glass stone in a large jar for each day’s reading so that we can visualize our joint progress.

Here is a list of daily readings – Reading List

Our progress as of February 25:


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Here is your chance to catch a sermon you missed, or to discuss the content with the preacher. As sermons are intended to be heard, not read, there are no guarantees that the posted text is either what was said or heard, as that would limit the work of the Holy Spirit. Typos and errors of grammar will be numerous, so please overlook them as much as possible.

The rules are simple: 1) Identify yourself, 2) Discuss the subject at hand, and 3) Respect yourself and others.

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